Tuesday, March 16, 2010

blue jean confidential #3

Meet Nashville style...MEGAN
and her jeans...

- Name?
- Home town?
- One word to define your style?
- Who's you're style icon?
Hm. Um. I don't think one person in particular, but I will tell you where I get ideas... lookbook.nu modcloth.com ummm urban of course... Style and People mags... People I see around town. I don't know?
- What your style handicap?
I have a long torso and short legs. I make it work though.
- What's your go-to outfit?
Long tank top, skinny jeans, messy hair, sunglasses, blush and eye liner. The eye liner is crucial.
- Favorite kind of jean wash (dark, light, etc.)?
Really dark or really light.
- Where did get your favorite jeans them?
The thrift store. I'm not even kidding. I think you can get them at Walmart, too. They're stretchy mom jeans, but they have a small ankle. I like Target jeans, too. I've obviously very wealthy.
- How would you define the 'Style" of the jean?
I don't know enough jean lingo for this... I guess skinny jeans, but I have fantasies about wearing bell bottoms and jnco jeans. (someone had to drop the jnco bomb eventually.)
- How long have you had them?
I keep jeans forever.
- What you look for when buying jeans?
I just want them to fit. And be stretch so they don't stretch out and stay that way. I like skinny jeans, but I'm rocking a booty... so...
- Are they for going out/ dressing up/ hanging out?
- Favorite shoes to wear with them?
Boots, strappy glad type things, ballet flats, pumps. Just not sneakers. I'm def not into that look.
- The craziest thing that happened while wearing those jeans?
I would tell you, but I've been sworn to secrecy.
- Where have your jeans traveled?
Around the block if you know what I mean ;)
- Are jeans appropriate everywhere visa is accepted?
Everywhere, but wedding and funerals. Unless you're from Texas. I've seen that look work down there.

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