Wednesday, March 24, 2010

blue jean confidential #6

Meet Maryland's resident
style expert, Chelsea....
and her jeans.

- Name?
Chelsea Brown
- Hometown?
Ocean City, Maryland
- One word to define your style?
- Who's you're style icon?
Whoever is in People style watch... love that magazine.
-Favorite Designers?
Marc Jacobs
- What's your style handicap?
Calves... skinny jeans look ridiculous : (
- Favorite kind of jean wash (dark, light, etc.)?
Dark... and white in the summer time!
- Where did get your favorite jeans them?
Lucky ♥
- How would you define the 'Style" of the jean?
Straight leg... have them in so many washes.
- How long have you had them?
3 years... thank god they still fit.
- What you look for when buying jeans?
My butt needs to look cute, and hopefully they make my legs look a little smaller....and comfy, of course.
- Are they for going out/ dressing up/ hanging out?
I can kind of do whatever with them... put on flip flops and they're dressed down, heels and they look dressy.
- Favorite shoes to wear with them?
heels.. for sure.
- The craziest thing that happened while wearing those jeans?
i don't know where to start.
- Where have your jeans traveled?
wherever i go, they go.
- Are jeans appropriate everywhere visa is accepted?
and then some!

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