Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blue jean confidential #4

Meet world class style:
Mary-Elizabeth Fair...
and her jeans.

The Basics:
- Name?
Mary Elizabeth Fair
- Hometown?
Madison, MS
- One word to define your style?
I don’t really have a word. I can be a little bit of everything from time to time
- Who's you're style icon?
Florence Welch of Florence & the Machine
- What your style handicap?
long legs
- What's your go-to outfit?
Racerback tank top, jeans, sandals, leather bag, and gold jewelry
- Favorite kind of jean wash (dark, light, etc.)?
- Where did you get your favorite jeans?
Charlotte Russe
- How would you define the 'Style" of the jean?
Low rise skinny jeans
- How long have you had them?
3 years
- What you look for when buying jeans?
Cheap! I used to spend sooo much money on designer jeans like Silver, Big Star and Seven but they never would last that long. I ended up going to Charlotte Russe because I was in desperate need of some jeans and I ended up buying four pair for the price of what I would have paid for one pair of designer jeans. I absolutely love them too!
- Are they for going out/ dressing up/ hanging out?
All of the above!
- Favorite shoes to wear with them?
- The craziest thing that happened while wearing those jeans?
Learned Italian on a train to Florence from an old Italian man, whom I gave a lollipop to and stopped in Pisa on the same train ride and saw the leaning tower of Pisa!
- Where have your jeans traveled?
Cannes, France; Cinque Terre, Florence, Pisa, Italy; Charleston; New York City; Boston; Dominican Republic; Bahamas, etc.
- Are these jeans appropriate everywhere visa is accepted?
Of course!

MEF learning Italian from this man:

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