Wednesday, March 24, 2010

blue jean confidential #5

Meet Flagler Fashionista,
Jaclyn Miklos...
and her jeans.

- Name?
Jaclyn Miklos
- Hometown?
Daytona Beach
- One word to define your style?
- Who's you're style icon?
Audrey Hepburn
-Favorite Designers?
Michael Kors, Chanel, Stella McCartney, Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg
- What your style handicap?
I have the shortest legs anyone has ever seen! I can't buy jeans without having to spend an extra $25 on them because they ALL have to be hemmed like a foot.
- What's your go-to outfit?
I rarely wear the same outfit twice. I tend to grab skinny jeans, stilettos and funky jewelry when on the go.
- Favorite kind of jean wash (dark, light, etc.)?
Dark jeans! You can't go wrong and they look good on everyone. Very slimming.
- Where did get your favorite jeans?
I usually buy my nicest jeans from Sacks or boutiques.
- How would you define the 'Style" of the jean?
My favorite pair are my True Religion Jeans. I love how they are eye catching and very versatile. Dark for a fancy blouse, but classy for a nice polo during the day.
- How long have you had them?
Five years and still look great. Expensive jeans last forever. That's why I don't mind spending $200 on them.
- What you look for when buying jeans?
I look for a great dark jean with pocket design. I am very petite and a back pocket design creates a bigger look. ( I don't have much junk in the trunk basically). I don't like sparkles or studs, but a nice stitching.
- Are they for going out/ dressing up/ hanging out?
These jeans are for every time of the day. They look sexy, casual, dressy and comfortable.
- Favorite shoes to wear with them?
High heels with out a doubt. Every good pair of jeans has a GREAT pair of stilettos to go with them. And like I said I'm short.
- The craziest thing that happened while wearing those jeans?
These jeans have been through a lot. Maybe the craziest thing would be wearing them into a fountain in downtown St. Augustine. Long story, but it was a great night.
- Where have your jeans traveled?
They have been to London, NYC, FL, Cali, Vegas, Jamaica and too many other places I have been in the last five years. They are a travel necessity. It feels like the moon and back.
- Are jeans approprate everywhere visa is accepted?
Yes, when I wear my jeans my Visa card is never declined. I guess you could say its the jeans...or I'm great with my cash flow.

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