Wednesday, March 31, 2010

blue jean confidential #7

Meet Caitlin.. soon to be the boss of NYC fashion
..and her jeans

- Name?

Caitlin Brown

- Hometown?

Annapolis, MD

- One word to define your style?

Simple. I like wearing black and white, or solid colors. I really love how the Mods dressed in the sixties.

- Who's your style icon?

I love how Victoria Beckham dresses; she always looks put-together, poised, and chic. I also really admire Katy Perry for her unique style. When it comes to dressing up, the glamorous Old Hollywood actresses are always iconic.

- What your style handicap? (Long legs? weird shoe size? etc.)
The length of jeans always ends up being a problem.

- What's your go-to outfit?
Dress, pumps, lipstick.

-Favorite kind of jean wash (dark, light, etc.)?

Medium –washed, but I love black denim too!

- Where did you get your favorite jeans?

Saks Fifth Avenue, they are Juicy Couture and were on sale

- How would you define the 'Style" of the jean?

- How long have you had them?

Two years

- What you look for when buying jeans?

Well, they have to fit! No falling off.. or too baggy in some areas while too tight in others.

- Are they for going out/ dressing up/ hanging out?

Usually hanging out or going to class.

- Favorite shoes to wear with them?

Black ones! Hemp Rainbow flops, Tory Burch flats or Christian Louboutin pumps. Occasionally I’ll wear hot pink pumps.

- The craziest thing that happened while wearing those jeans?

Too many crazy things, but the most interesting would be playing Frisbee with a Tom Cruise lookalike in Central Park.

- Where have your jeans traveled?

Everywhere, I wear them way too much! Austria, Germany, Italy, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Key West, Atlanta, DC, Maryland, South Carolina

- Are jeans appropriate everywhere VISA is accepted?

I'd hope so!

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